Jess is Vietnamese Jewish Londoner, who moved to Seattle to build family and invest in the Vietnamese American community. She is a healer, storyteller, creative, organizer, spouse and dog parent, passionate about offering culturally competent birth support to Southeast Asian birthing parents and using Muay Thai to support API womxn step into their physical, emotional and ancestral resilience. Jess has always been interested in roots, family histories, the notion of home, intergenerational trauma and parenthood.

Her mother is a Vietnamese refugee who was granted political asylum in London at the age of 11, and her father is the son of working class Jewish refugees who changed their last name for fear of the anti-semitism surrounding World War II. Jess grew up in London, grew into herself in Thailand and Vietnam, and America is now her home. She is a second/third generation, multiracial child of refugees trying to make sense of it all.

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